Roskilde Festival 2017 check out!

Trentemøller (DK)

Trentemøller! The composer, the producer, the sound artist or simply called Anders Trentemøller is back with his amazing band including Marie Fisker on guitar and vocal. Trentemøller 2016 album release “Fixion” is heavily inspired by the era of Joy Division and The Cure. The sound is yet defined… more Trentemøller. Trentemøller was originally DJ playing dark nordic electronic dub. It is remarkable how he developed his sound from being electronic pre produced DJ set to fully live band! You could say that Trentemøller has done some reverse engineering on post punk sound, started electronic then moved towards punk; like watching “24 hour party people” backwards!

Im really looking forward how his latest Post Punk band will fit into the summer of 2017.

Trentemøller has previously performed at Roskilde Festival; 2007 (Arena stage), 2009 (Orange stage), 2014 (Orange stage), so this makes his 4th perfomance at this years 2017 Roskilde Festival. Vi ses Anders!

Album Out! VAR – Vetur


After shock from Iceland Airwaves 2016 is still haunting me – in a good way! This is what I like about the Airwaves! You are still discovering music 5 months after the festival. This is VAR and apparently I missed their show at #airwaves16.

This band reminds me of the early Sigur Rós 2000s era; dark, introvert yet grandiose soundscapes.

Their debut album “Vetur” released 13th April 2017 contains 12 tracks including this fine track “Back Home”

I really like the sweet and mellow approach to the sound. Check them out!

Aion Corvus Fuzz – DIY

Received this beautiful PCB board from aion electronics. Can’t wait to start soldering the parts together and I am really looking forward to the sound of this promising design. It’s an OP AMP Big Muff with a twist familiar to the V5 Big Muff Pi from cirka 1978. The twist consist of a third OP AMP unit to have a more dynamic option to the sound. Stay tune for the build report.

Here the graphic I made on Pixelmator. This will be etched onto the Hammond 1590B enclosure.

Week 47-2016 MixTape

Lets survive another week with great music!

  1. Trentemøller – Redefine
  2. Savages – The Answer
  3. La Femme – Amour Dans Le Motu
  4. Fever Ray – Keep the streets empty for me
  5. Ghost – He Is
  6. Henry Rollins – Liar
  7. Radiohead – House of Cards
  8. Tame Impala – The Moment
  9. Marc Meliá – Fata Fou
  10. NIne Inch Nails – We’re In This Together
  11. Iceage – The Lord’s Favorite
  12. Baby Woodrose – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

#rf17 headliner – Foo Fighters

I am so excited about this weeks announcement. Last time they played at Roskilde Festival was in 2005 and what a performance. It was a rock legendary rock headliners; Foo Fighters, Green Day, Audioslave, Black Sabbath, Fantomas, the Mars Volta, Velvet Underground and two shows from Sonic Youth!

Back to Foo Fighters.

Dave Grohl managed to climp up on the soundmix tower and gave it all for the audience. It was a memorable show.

Bring on #rf17!