Iceland Airwaves 2016


Tomorrow a new day to experience a whole new festival! Iceland Airwaves! I’ve been going for Roskilde Festival every year from 2005-2016 and experienced Copenhell for a single day in 2015, but this is special. I don’t know most of the names from the line-up?! except PJ Harvey, Björk, Warpaint, Agent Fresco, Múm, and some other few. The line up consist of an official line up and (official) off venue acts! There are so many concerts that it is impossible to see all the acts. But some of the acts have several performances so there should be chances to catch up on the off venue program if you miss a concert.

The Location

Reykjavik – Not the most beautiful city in the Scandinavia, but surely one of the most charming and atmospheric cities you can find in Scandinavia and they got volcanoes, lava and one of the most scenic landscapes in the world! Iceland is evocative and progressive, so why not a cool festival like Iceland Airwaves (autumn) and Secret Solstice (summer).

The Line-Up

Being here for the festival, for the first time is pretty overwhelming. So many unfamiliar and upcoming names! The Line up is so vast you can be sure that some of the acts are just on the threshold of a major international breakthrough. I’ve been exited to see One Week Wonder (IS), Moji and The Midnight Sons (IS), Mammút (IS), Kiasmos (IS), Agent Fresco (IS), Suð (IS), CeaseTone (IS) and Adia Victoria (US), Connor Youngblood (US), Small Time Giants (GL), The Internet (US), Warm Graves (DE), Beliefs (CA) and some of the off venue performances at KEX hostel, where the KEXP events which will be transmitted live and can be later on watched on youtube. And off course PJ Harvey (US)!

Björk and additional ticket stunt

I am fan of Björk and her approach on making music and art. I was happy to hear the announcement that Björk was going to play at Airwaves. Until I found out the additional costs to attend the concert?! The cost was the same or more from a festival ticket?! I love Björk, but I think this ticket stunt is ridiculous. I know Iceland is experiencing a huge progress on tourism but this is too much… luckily all the exciting acts.

The Year 2016

One of the biggest icons or artists in music passed away this year. David Bowie and Prince. A great loss for the music. But the legacy continues (Björk, PJ Harvey, Arcade Fire etc.) and I hope the generation to come can still be inspired by their creative existence through out our time. Hopefully I will be witnessing some great acts here in Reykjavik, November 2016.

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