The bands from Airwaves 2016 Roskilde Festival should book immediatly for 2017 (updated 5.11.2016)

Beliefs (CA) 

They represent the legacy of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine. And some Psyched Up Janis. Formed in 2010. They have their own approach to the noise with clean and fuzzy guitars sometimes added unpolished synth and samples. They could fit in Pavillon Avalon stage. Keep your eyes and ears to Beliefs.

Kiasmos (IS)

Electronic dou playing North Atlantic house. Moody, laidback and at the same time imprisoning. It reminds me the early Trentemøller black/house/electronic. Kiasmos is a different shade of black.


Mammút (IS)

Their live performance and sound is quite mesmerising. I would love to see them at the Roskilde. David Fricke from rolling stones are also a fan of the sound!

Connor Youngblood (US)

James Blake can be closely associated and can be far from it at the same time. He plays acoustic and Electric guitar, loops it and adds some heavily effected synths. His vocaltechnique is really dynamic. All could work from gloria to avalon stage.

The Sonics (US)

The Godfathers of Garage rock. Fitting them in to a small sized to medium sized venue can really make thunders. They are tight playing and hardhitting it will hit the young audience with rock history right in the gut.

Small Time Giants (GL)

These guys have a story to tell. Strait from their hearts. From the remote and cold north. Greenland. Yes it is far away but the heartfelt story is recognisable and genuine as yours (yes! you! who read this blog). Last time Roskilde Festival had a Greenlandic band was singer-/songwriter Angu, which is back in 2005. The timing would be right if Small Time Giant represent some part of the danish fellowship. Something is happening in Greenland and the music scene is evolving.

Aida Victoria (US)

If they is a subgenre of country it wouæd be black country or black blues. Aida Victoria presence on stage is improsoning. Her music is beautifully dark and mellow added her crisp voice. I am really looking forward for her music to reach the alternative radio.

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