Gearview – Empress Compressor

This blue shiny box is a wonder box. It does the compression just like other compressor pedals in the boutique category. Besides the neat compression it also has a sidechain input. In this gear view I have connected a kick drum beat into the sidechain input to control the compression on the guitar sound.

Check it out!

Sidechaining or ducking effect is quite used in House/Electronic music. How awesome could it be to use it in alternative-oriented music? Awesome I guess!



Gearview – Cigar box guitar

I had a chance to try out a cigar box guitar during a small break from the festival. My friend Jukka the lead singer and guitarist from Secure Escape show me one of his DIY cigarbox guitar and this is how it sounds. The cigar box is made of cedar tree and mahogany on neck.

I was instantly in love with this dirty sounding cigar box guitar. I am playing PJ Harvey Big Exit intro not sure of the tuning.