#RF17 Check Out!

Mammút (IS)

Pavillion – Friday the 30th of June at 20:15hr

My favorites from Iceland Airwaves 2016. A mix of early Björk and Sugarcubes. They represent the sound of fire and ice, just like Iceland.  Highly praised by Rolling Stones writer David Fricke at Iceland Airwaves 2016.

There is always time for one more revelation. This one came in the form of a band that I first saw nearly a decade ago, in Iceland and New York. At that point, they were clearly descended from the Sugarcubes with a debut album on that group’s own label and a Björk-like contender in vocalist Katrína Kata Mogensen. Mammút have been an infrequent phenomenon even here – only three albums in the past 10 years. But tonight, opening for PJ Harvey at the final-blowout show of Airwaves, in this cavernous sports hall, Mammút fired up a new album of arena-worthy, shamanistic hard rock that bodes well for their next album, just completed and due for release on the Bella Union label next spring. Flanked by the dynamic, slashing interplay of guitarists Alexandra Baldursdottir and Arnar Pétursson, Mogensen has clearly left any Björk and Siouxsie-of-the-Banshees affectations behind, singing with her own icy, piercing vengeance. When I first saw Mammút, way back in the Airwaves game, I thought they were the most exciting, new band in Iceland. Now I know they are ready for the world.

-David Fricke, Rolling Stones